CCORS Survey

Hello Cape Fear SORBA. Currently there is a debate going on that we need your help with. Currently there are two options on the table for the next race series race in Greenville at the Bicycle Post Trail. The first is the usual cross country style race (like what we will have at Blue Clay next weekend). The other is a “short track race” that will be significantly shorter in race distance and race time (around 20 minutes) but higher intensity. We need your help as racers and club members to determine what we should do. So the question is: Would you prefer a short track race or a cross country race?

Below I have posted a link to a poll that can help us make this decision. Please take a moment and select an option that you believe is the best one.

Thanks for your help! Hope to see you at Blue Clay next Sunday for the 3 race in the CCORS!

Austin Fenwick
Cape Fear SORBA