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Get Involved with Cape Fear SORBA!



What will you get by joining or renewing your membership with Cape Fear SORBA? Well we can tell you that you won’t get a spa treatment, or a new car, or a trip to an exotic destination (though we might be able to get you a discount on a car…). What you will get though is a big thank you on behalf of the Fat Tire Community. Your membership donation goes directly to funding trails and growing the mountain bike community, but above all else, your membership allows us to better represent the large number of  mountain bikers in our area. We offer a variety of membership levels and benefits (Subaru discounts for one!), so join now to give back to the trails.

A bike can cost more than some cars, a pair of pedals can run as much as groceries, and even a seat post can run into the triple digits. Yet, none of these things will impact your ride as much as a membership with the International Mountain Bicycling Assocation (aka IMBA) and Cape Fear SORBA. Learn more.



CFSORBA is a volunteer organization. That means that we need the support of passionate individuals to survive and thrive in our community. Some of us have time, some of us have a little extra money, and others can really whip up some great Carolina BBQ to feed hungry volunteers. It doesn’t matter if you have been riding since the birth of Mountain Biking or for the last week, we would love to see you make your own mark with Cape Fear SORBA. More importantly: We want you to have FUN doing it. Learn more.



Cape Fear SORBA is also a non-profit organization and that means we survive thanks to the donations of real people. We use these donations to buy tools, purchase materials, and support Mountain Biking in our region and beyond. You can donate to CFSORBA and help ensure that Trails will be here for future generations by clicking HERE.