Trail Etiquette


Everyone has a different perspective on what makes up good Trail Etiquette. Well now CFSORBA can make it a little easier to understand! We have borrowed some things from clubs across the country and added a few things that apply especially here. Special thanks to the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance for the cool info from their Trail Etiquette Page.

  • First, treat everyone you meet on the trail like you’d treat your mother, your best friend, and your favorite pet all in one. Everyone wants to have a good time at the trail so being happy and friendly makes their trip more fun to!
  • Yield. Yield. Yield. To pedestrians and equestrians. All the time. This especially applies at the Brunswick Nature Park where its possible to encounter both Equestrians and hikers/trail runners.
  • Stay on the trail. It’s way not cool to ride in the grass/bushes or mud to pass by someone. Trails can easily grow when people ignore this rule. You can see that it has happened at Blue Clay in the past. Lets keep it from happening again and keep the single track as single as possible.
  • Stay in control. If you come to a blind corner, assume an elderly angry lawyer is coming up at you. Don’t ride beyond your limits.
  • Be nice to the animals. This is probably a no brainer, but c’mon – don’t run over anything, chase anything, taunt anything or give anything the finger. This especially applies to Alligators. They may look cool but you DON’T want to upset them. They have big teeth.
  • Ride on trails that we’re allowed to ride. We know, we know, there are a lot of great trails out there. Yes, it’s unfair so many are closed to bicycling. We promise we are fighting tooth and nail to get every linear inch of trail we can. Please don’t mess it up.
  • Don’t make a mess of our space. Some people say, “Leave no trace.” That’s almost right. We think it should be, “Make it nicer than before you came.” That means carrying out what you came in with. Throwing away your trash and anything else that has made a mess makes a big difference. Please folks, keep it clean!
So that’s it. That’s Trail Etiquette. Sounds easy right? Lets all play nice with each other and the trail so when we ride everyone has a blast.