Month: November 2011

CCORS Jersey and Events Reminder

Hello Cape Fear SORBA. I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that everyone was able to sneak in a ride at some point over the holiday weekend to help burn off a bit of that turkey and stuffing. Cape Fear SORBA has a couple of events coming up this week that we want to remind you all about. First though, the Carolina Off-Road Race Series dates and locations will be announced soon (that is part of what we will discuss later in this post) and with that we have the 2012 series jersey! Take a look…its spiffy isn’t it?

You can place an order from now until December 10th from the ECVelo website: CCORS 21012 Jersey Order Page.

Please support the race series (and the clubs who put it on) if you like this jersey by picking one up. There is nothing like black beard bearing down on you to scare another racer into pulling out of the way.


Cape Fear SORBA will be holding a club meeting on Tuesday November 29th (tomorrow) at the Long Island Eatery off of Kerr Ave. The meeting will go over the upcoming events for next year including the CCORS series, group rides, and social activities. In addition the club will likely be discussing the upcoming workdays at the Brunswick Nature Park this weekend as time allows. Please come out and give us your opinion on anything and everything. We like hearing from our members and we encourage you to come out.


Also, don’t forget that the club will have a pair of workdays this weekend at the Brunswick Nature Park on December 3rd and 4th. Each day we will have different goals in mind. We have already marked off about 600 feet of trail to work on this weekend so its going to be a team effort to get the trail cut in. On Saturday the goal is to clear the trail corridor and do a rough cut of the trail. On Sunday we hope to clean up the freshly cut trail and do some tamping to get it rider ready. Both workdays start at 9AM but you can come out and work at any time you can. The club will provide tools but if you want to bring rakes and shovels we encourage you to do so as well as any small garden pruners. The workday on Saturday is being led by President Greg Brinson. The workday on Sunday will be led by Vice-President Austin Fenwick.

If you have any questions concerning the workday or club meeting please feel free to email We would be happy to answer your questions!

We hope to see you at the meeting and trail work days. The sooner we build the trail, the sooner we all get to ride!

Austin Fenwick

VP Cape Fear SORBA

Weekend Recap and upcoming events!

Hello everyone out in Cape Fear SORBA land. First of all I want to extend a big thanks to Jake and Jenny of the IMBA trail care Crew for their work last weekend. With their help we began cutting the advanced section of trail and got a 10th of a mile in. Who wants a recap in pictures? Oh I knew you did. Well lets get to it!  (Jake and Jenny also want you to check out their blog! They have pictures of their own to share! Check it out here: Jake and Jenny’s Blog)

Great turnout for the classroom session!

Jake and Jenny demonstrate proper tool safety.

Gather round everyone as we demonstrate proper trail construction!

April and John start work. Doesn't look like trail yet!

Starting to look like a trail!

Everyone working together to build one sweet trail!

Group Shot! Thanks to all who came out pictured and not!

Upcoming Events

In other news we need to announce the next club meeting and trail workdays!

The next club meeting is set to occur on Tuesday November 29th from 6-8pm at the Long Island Eatery off of Kerr Ave. Directions are available here: Long Island Eatery

We will be discussing next years calendar, upcoming plans for the Brunswick Nature Park, and other related issues. We invite all club members to come out and enjoy the food and fun as we prepare for the New Year!

The following weekend we will be having the next workday at the Brunswick Nature Park. We will be working on both December 3rd and 4th. On Dec 3rd volunteers will doing a rough cut in of the next section of trail. On Dec 4th volunteers will be fine-tuning and trimming up what was initially cut on the previous day. Greg Brinson will be leading the workday on Dec 3rd while Austin Fenwick will lead on Dec 4th. If you have questions please email

It’s important that we get a good turnout for the workdays this upcoming weekend. We all want to ride the next section of trail, but without the help of volunteers it will take a very long time. So lets get together a few weekends a month and pound out some trail. The sooner we all do that, the sooner we all ride! Who is with me? Lets build so we can ride!

Happy Trails Everyone, see you soon!

Jake and Jenny want to meet you, come out to the Trail Care Crew Visit!

*For those of you going, “Where are the Brunswick Brawl Results already?!?!” they are up and ready to be downloaded for your viewing pleasure. You can download them here:Brunswick Brawl Results PDF  Photos are up now to! They are available here: Brunswick Brawl Photos*

 Cape Fear SORBA let me introduce you to Jake and Jenny. Say hi everyone.

Jake and Jenny work for IMBA. They get to travel all over the country as a part of the IMBA Trail Care Crew program. They get to build trail with clubs just like ours all over the country…

like this…

And this…

And yea this to…

You know you want some of this…

And now, from Nov 11th to 13th, they are coming to the Cape Fear region to help us build trail to! Now of course that’s not all they really do. They also  teach us how to build trail better and more efficently. They help us learn how to make trails last for a very long time. That’s called being sustainable, and we all want our trails to be sustainable! Jake and Jenny really want you to come out and meet them. We even have a schedule of events for their visit so you can know where and when to meet them. Check it out!

Friday November 11th: Better Living Through Trails Presentation

Leland Senior Center (1490 Village Road Northeast, Leland, NC ) 6:00pm to 7:15pm

This presentation explores the positive relationships between communities and their trail systems. Trails as community assets can improve quality of life and livability in a community for both the biking and non-biking members, and can attract significant tourism dollars in addition in increasing overall quality of life. With statistics and case studies, participants will learn how to turn a quality community trail system into a destination trail system, and learn how to effectively market a trail system.

Saturday November 12th: IMBA Trail Building School

9am-noon: Trail building classroom session. Leland Senior Center (required to work that afternoon)

Lunch provided: Good, old-fashioned Carolina BBQ

1pm-5pm: Trail Building Field Session. Brunswick Nature Park MTB Trails.

Come join Cape Fear SORBA and the Trail Care Crew for a day of trail building school! IMBA’s Trail Building School teaches IMBA’s philosophies and trains local volunteers and land managers on how to build and maintain sustainable singletrack. The school involves three hours in the classroom followed by about four hours in the field doing hands-on trail work and field instruction. If you want to be a part of future trail building sessions this is for you! Please do not plan to attend the trail work if you can’t make it to the morning class. Please bring water, a hat, closed-toe shoes and wear pants.

Sunday November 13th: Group Ride and Club Social

Brunswick Nature Park MTB Trails: Ride 9am and Social aprox 10am.

Come enjoy the fruits of our labor and take a ride at the Brunswick Nature Park with other CFSORBA members and the Trail Care Crew! Hang around after for a club social and discuss the clubs future plans.

So in conclusion, Jake and Jenny really want to meet you. And lets face it, you really want to meet them to. I mean who wouldn’t want to meet two trail building guru’s who get to travel around in such a sweet IMBA Subaru? So pick an event…or attend all three, whatever sounds good to you! You can register for the event(s) here: TCC Registration Page.

Jake and Jenny will be waiting…

Brunswick Brawl Recap: Big turnout and Bigger fun!

Well its in the books folks, the first ever Brunswick Brawl was a terrific success! We had over 70 people young and old come out to race our first event at the Brunswick Nature Park. We had amazing weather in the low 70’s with perfect race conditions on the trail. First though, I need to make sure to thank our wonderful sponsors who always make these events happen: The Bicycle Gallery, Two Wheeler Dealer, TrySports, CarboRocket, and Osprey. Make sure you tell them thank you!

The Men’s Open category was the first race of the day and it didn’t disappoint. We had 30, yes that’s right 30, people lineup to have their chance at a cash payout that ended up paying $200 to our eventual winner. We were so busy with registration we actually opened half an hour early to get people signed up in time. We also had big turnouts for the Beginner mens, womens, and kids races. All of them had double digit turnouts as well, with several people racing the Open Mens and the Beginner Mens classes.

Full Results of the event will be posted in the next week but for now we will post just the top 3 finishers for each category. Look after these results for pictures from the event. All photos will be up online hopefully by the weekend. Thanks everyone for coming out, we had a great time. Who wants to Brawl next year?


2011 Brunswick Brawl Podium Results

Mens Open

1st: Shawn Kane ($200 Cash Payout)
2nd: Benjamin Brown ($100 Cash Payout)
3rd: Greg Brinson ($75 Cash Payout)


1st: Jere Dearing ($75 Cash Payout)
2nd: Curtis Newkirk ($50 Cash Payout)
3rd: Trent Blackburn ($25 Cash Payout)

Beginner Men

1st: Armando Sanchez
2nd: David Lennard
3rd: Jacob Clark


1st: Sue-May Lewis
2nd: Natalia Liinas
3rd: Tse-Lynn Loh


1st: Luke Clark
2nd: Meredith Clark
3rd: Timothy Clark


1st: Megan Condon
2nd: Kevin Barnes
3rd: Thomas Condon

Pre-race view with the Bicycle Gallery all set up! Thanks to their crew for being there and racing to!

The Men's Open racers line up for a hectic start, thats 30 races going after nearly $400 in combined cash prizes for the top 3 finishers.

Mens Open eventual winner Shawn Kane hits the trail first as the race begins.

Racers hitting the switchback

Cape Fear SORBA: Your local IMBA/SORBA chapter helping you with all your mountain biking needs.

Our Men's Open Podium holding up nearly $400 in cash! Our Winner Shawn Kane made $200 an hour on Sunday. Not a bad hourly rate.

  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN