Weekend Recap and upcoming events!

Hello everyone out in Cape Fear SORBA land. First of all I want to extend a big thanks to Jake and Jenny of the IMBA trail care Crew for their work last weekend. With their help we began cutting the advanced section of trail and got a 10th of a mile in. Who wants a recap in pictures? Oh I knew you did. Well lets get to it!  (Jake and Jenny also want you to check out their blog! They have pictures of their own to share! Check it out here: Jake and Jenny’s Blog)

Great turnout for the classroom session!

Jake and Jenny demonstrate proper tool safety.

Gather round everyone as we demonstrate proper trail construction!

April and John start work. Doesn't look like trail yet!

Starting to look like a trail!

Everyone working together to build one sweet trail!

Group Shot! Thanks to all who came out pictured and not!

Upcoming Events

In other news we need to announce the next club meeting and trail workdays!

The next club meeting is set to occur on Tuesday November 29th from 6-8pm at the Long Island Eatery off of Kerr Ave. Directions are available here: Long Island Eatery

We will be discussing next years calendar, upcoming plans for the Brunswick Nature Park, and other related issues. We invite all club members to come out and enjoy the food and fun as we prepare for the New Year!

The following weekend we will be having the next workday at the Brunswick Nature Park. We will be working on both December 3rd and 4th. On Dec 3rd volunteers will doing a rough cut in of the next section of trail. On Dec 4th volunteers will be fine-tuning and trimming up what was initially cut on the previous day. Greg Brinson will be leading the workday on Dec 3rd while Austin Fenwick will lead on Dec 4th. If you have questions please email info@capefearsorba.com.

It’s important that we get a good turnout for the workdays this upcoming weekend. We all want to ride the next section of trail, but without the help of volunteers it will take a very long time. So lets get together a few weekends a month and pound out some trail. The sooner we all do that, the sooner we all ride! Who is with me? Lets build so we can ride!

Happy Trails Everyone, see you soon!