Update on the Race at BC scheduled for 3/6/11

This is an update concerning tomorrow’s race in the Coastal Carolina Off-Road Race Series at Blue Clay. As of right now the race is on as scheduled. However, the club will make the final decision about racing by 9am on Sunday morning. Currently there is a very high chance of significant thunderstorms throughout the day and we simply cannot hold a race during severe thunderstorms. If the thunderstorms hold off and we just have rain the event will go on as scheduled. However, if it is clear that it will be unsafe to race due to the storm the race will be postponed to a later date TBD.

In addition, depending on conditions, even if we do run the race we may cancel the kids race.  That to will be a race day decision if the main race does go on as planned.

Please stay tuned to our facebook page, website, and your email box for more information. A Final decision will be sent out tomorrow morning as close to 9am as possible.

In preparation for what could be a muddy good time though, why don’t you go and check out a video by sirbikesalot from a few years ago at another rainy and muddy good time at the Piranha Pit!? Check out the link below!

The April 2007 Piranha Pit race, SirBikesalot.com


Mountain Bike or Die!
Austin Fenwick
VP Cape Fear SORBA