Order your New CFSORBA Jersey Today!

Hello everyone! Are you in need of a new cycling Jersey? Is that old one beginning to stink up your closet something fierce? Do you want to support your favorite local Mountain Bike Club? Well you are in luck! Cape Fear SORBA is proud to announce that we are now accepting orders for our NEW CFSORBA jersey in Red/Black! First check it out below, its spiffy!

These jerseys will be made by Primal Wear instead of Canari as they were last time. The price is $60. If you live outside New Hanover or Brunswick County you may pay an extra $5 to have them shipped to you. They will also be FULL ZIP. Fun fact: for every jersey that you order $10 comes back to the club and $1 goes to IMBA! You get a spiffy jersey and support both IMBA and Cape Fear SORBA all at one shot! How about that? So are you excited? Are you ready to order? Alright then!


First we need to get you the right size jersey. That’s very important. Please reference the Primal Wear size chart. Once you have done that very important step you are ready to order. There are two ways you can do so. I have attached to this email an order form. WE WILL ACCEPT ORDERS UNTIL APRIL 29TH! NO LATER.

1. Fill out the attached Order Form

2a. If you wish to order online email the order form to You will then receive an invoice that you can pay via Credit or Debit Card

2b. If you wish to drop off your order to pay in cash/check you may do so by dropping the order form off at Two Wheeler Dealer.

Once you have placed your order its time to wait a bit. Its ok be patient. We have to wait 8 weeks from the date we place the final order with Primal Wear for the jerseys to come in. Once they arrive they will be available at Two Wheeler Dealer for pickup. So in conclusion.

Fill out order form.

To pay online email it back to

To pay in cash/check drop off form at Two Wheeler Dealer.


If you have any questions at all please feel free to email! You may click on the following link to view the Primal Wear Sizing Chart! PRIMAL WEAR SIZING CHART HERE

Download the Jersey Order Form HERE!!!!!! Jersey_Order_Form[1]

Trek Bike Demo

Hey everyone! We are a little bit more than a week out from the wonderful TREK Bicycles demo at the Brunswick Nature Park! Cape Fear SORBA will be there with the folks from Two Wheeler Dealer as we help show off some of the best bicycles in Trek’s large fleet! Over 40 bicycles will be available for you to demo around the Park!

That being said Cape Fear SORBA needs a bit of help! We are looking for some folks that can help out by holding down the fort at the CFSORBA booth during the event, lead group rides for those unfamiliar with the parks mtb trails, and the big one: WE NEED A GRILL MASTER! That’s right CFSORBA does plan to have someone grilling up some tasty lunch food for our guests but we need a volunteer to do it! Is there anyone out there that might be willing to help out with that job (or any of the others?). If the answer is yes PLEASE email and let us know.

In the mean time, here is the list of ALL the bikes that will be available for your riding pleasure at the demo. Remember bring your ID, helmet, and pedals(if you want to ride with clipless pedals). Enjoy the list. It is drool worthy!

2012 Bike Models                        Sizes
WSD Madone 5 Series / H3   47, 50, 52
Madone 5.2/H2                    54, 56, 58,
Madone 6.7 SSL/H2      52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 62
Trek EX 9.8              15.5, 17.5, 18.5, 19.5, 21.5
Madone 5.9/H2                        56, 58
Trek Remedy 9.8                 15.5, 18.5, 21
Superfly AL Elite Hardtail        17.5, 19, 21
WSD X-Caliber                      14.5, 15.5
Speed Concept 9.8M                    L
Superfly 100 AL Elite               17.5, 19
Slash                                    17.5, 19.5
Rumblefish Pro                     17.5, 19, 21
Superfly 100 Elite               15, 17, 19, 21,
Top Fuel 9.8                      17.5,18.5, 19.5
Lush SL                               14.5, 16.5
Lush Carbon                              ?

Stop drooling folks. Get your gear and get riding! See you at the park.

April Events Update!

Hello Cape Fear SORBA. Upcoming events in the near future that I wanted to remind everyone about. Lets get started shall we?

CFSORBA Club Meeting Thursday April 12th beginning 6pm

Cape Fear SORBA will be holding its weekly club meeting on Thursday April 12th at the Long Island Eatery. This meeting is very important because we will be electing new club officials for the upcoming year. Both VP Austin and Secretary Jay are not running for re-election for sure and Treasurer Bryan may also step down with new blood prepared to take over. If you wish to have a voice in how the club moves forward please do your best to attend! If you only make it to one all year make it this one!


Trail Building day at Brunswick Saturday April 14th

Want the good news? The outer loop of the advanced section of trail HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Ok granted there are still some small things to play with but the trail is CUT! Pat yourselves on the back folks, you made this happen. Of course now you must be asking, “whats next?” Well we are now going to build the connector trail that will run from the intermediate loop to the advanced entrance. That is our project for Saturday! The workday will be lead by Greg Brinson. Meet at 9am at the oval parking lot near the picnic shelter. Please bring shovels and rakes, proper attire, food/water, and bug spray/sunscreen. Attend for as long as you can and get there when you can. We’d love to have you! RSVP at the club page!


CCORS Race #4 at the Piranha Pit April 15th

The 4th race in the CCORS race series is this Saturday and CFSORBA is looking to take more podium spots. Check out the series page at for more info about the series. Sadly if you did not register in advance to get on base you will be unable to attend.


CFSORBA Ladies Ride at Blue Clay Bike Park April 18th at 6pm

Join the Dirty Dames of Cape Fear SORBA and go for the ladies ride! This ride is just for the mountain bike girls out there. This is a beginner friendly ride that will break up into groups (that will be lead by a ride leader) based on skill level. So come on out and enjoy riding with other ladies! This ride will be a monthly occurrence on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. RSVP at the club page!


TREK Demo Saturday April  21st at Brunswick Nature Park from 10am to 3pm

Come to the Nature Park for a FUN day with Trek Bicycles! Trek will have their full blown demo truck at the park with over 40 bikes to demo! This includes both road and mountain bikes. This means you get the chance to demo some of the TOP OF THE LINE bikes that Trek produces. This includes the Trek Fuel 9.8, Superfly 100 Elite, Lush SL, and Slash among others. A complete list of the bikes and sizes that will be available is at the event page for the demo. Come out and enjoy the fun! CFSORBA members will have a booth set up leading rides around the park, signing up members, and hopefully doing a little grilling to!


Doolittle Memorial Ride 11am Sunday April 22nd

As many of you may be aware of, last April Trey and David Doolittle were hit and killed by a heavily impaired driver while out for a training ride on River Road. This ride is taking place to celebrate their life and raise awareness for cycling. The route is 6 miles long and begins at Veterans park in the Ashley High School Parking lot. No matter what type of bike you ride, this is an event that is important to attend. Please come show your support for cycling in New Hanover County by taking part. More info on the Facebook page for the event can be found here: Doolittle Memorial Ride Facebook Page.

That’s it for now folks. Hope to see you at one or all of these events!

Time to vote on a new Club Jersey!

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