Summer Time Trial Series-Week 3 Wrap Up

*Austin’s Note: Sorry for getting this up a bit late, been a rough end to the week and playing catch up! Hope to have even more people come out next week for the 4th time trial in the series! There has been discussion about doing the Time Trial a 5th time on the last Thursday of the month due to popular demand. Stay tuned for that. Anyway, here is the wrap up!*

Wow, another great night at Brunswick Nature Park! We had 12 riders show up to participate, and this week there was one second between the fastest, second fastest, and third fastest times. Jere Dearing won tonight’s lottery and chose to donate his winnings back to the club – Thanks Jere!

Well, here’s what you are all are waiting to see….the times.

* Steve Mangiacapre — 23.05
* Armando Sanchez — 23.06
* Bill Sessons — 23.07
* Greg Brinson — 23.29
* Tom Condon — 23.42
* Jere Dearing — 24.12
* Marshall Brown — 24.38
* Spencer Thomasson — 25.68
* Don Brown — 28.36
* Jim Halley — 29.26
* John Sledge — 33.30
* Kirsten Jones — 35.52

Thanks again to everyone that’s been coming out and taking part the last three weeks. Steve has won yet again, but its clear that the competition to take him down is getting fierce! Both Bill Sessoms and Armando Sanchez where hot on his heels! Can they take him down next week? Only time will tell!

I also want to give a big thank you to Marshall and Spencer from the Waccamaw Trailblazers that have made the drive down from Myrtle Beach each week to take part, Thanks guys!

I hope to see all of you next week at Brunswick Nature Park at 6:30pm, come on out and have some fun!