SORBA update: Race Rescheduled, BCNP work day, elections coming soon

Hello Cape Fear SORBA and welcome to this edition of the page update!

First I would like to announce that the recently postponed race at Blue Clay from the CCORS series has been rescheduled.  Due to heavy rains we have had lately the decision was made to hold off on the race until May 1st, giving Blue Clay a chance to dry out before the next scheduled race there. For now remember that the next race in the series is scheduled for April 3rd in Greenville at the Bicycle Post. We hope to see you there!!

Next on the agenda is an update on the Brunswick County Nature Park (or BCNP if you like). First though, a little video for you all.


Over the weekend we had the first chance to have some mini excavators at the park to help us cut in the new beginner trail!

Jere and President Greg work on the new Beginner Trail

We estimate that once the new section of trail is cut its going to be about 1.5 miles long making the total trail cut about 3 miles. Check out a couple more photo’s from the work.

This is what the land looked like before the trail cut began

The intial cut by the mini excavator. Now the hard work will begin..

Of course the mini excavators can only do part of the work for us. The hard work for the rest of us will be forming and shaping the trail properly. We have to take into account the width we want the trail to be, the angle we shape it so that water will run off, and of course we must worry about how the trail rides. All of that means alot of shoveling, raking, and tamping. Something like…

The hard work: shaping new trail

We estimate that it will take another 2 weekends to finish the initial cut with the equipment. From that point we will need manpower to finish the rest of the trail. The more people we have out for the work the faster it will go. Currently we are discussing scheduling a big work day for sometime in April to do the work. In addition, that work day will double as a club meeting and election day for the new year. Expect an email about elections in the coming week.

Of course though, no work day would be complete without riding over the new stuff we just built. Michael, who was the first to ride the first section of trail we built at Brunswick, just happened to have his bike handy! So for without further adieu I give you the first rider to ride the beginner trail!

Michael tests fresh trail

Just remember everyone, when we get the new workday scheduled the more people that show up the faster we will have this new section up and riding! I hope to see you all very soon!

Mountain bike or die everyone, stay safe on the trails!

Austin Fenwick

Vice President: Cape Fear SORBA

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