Sharing a Passion to Pedal with Kids

Cape Fear SORBA is always excited to share its passion for pedaling with kids.  As the International Mountain Bicycling Association states,

“Besides being good, healthy fun, the goal is to develop a connection between kids and the natural world around them. Today’s children are tomorrow’s land managers and politicians — future decision-makers for important matters like recreation and access to public lands. How different might our current access landscape look today if previous generations of policy makers had grown up riding bikes on natural-surface trails?”

This past week has provide Cape Fear SORBA with at least two opportunities to help get young people on their bikes and try riding new terrain.

One, this past weekend was our most anticipated event of the year- the Brunswick MTB Festival.  Saturday’s focus was on providing kids skill clinics, as well as, guided bike tours on the new beginner trail at Brunswick Nature Park.  There were hundreds of people attending this event with the majority children and many of them took full advantage of the skills clinic along with an off road bike tour.

Second,  CFSORBA gets very excited when school, church groups, scouts, and after-school programs enjoy the trails we have worked hard to build and maintain.  Just this week, Fitness After School Training (FAST) celebrated “Bike Week” and took field trips to both of our local bike parks- Blue Clay and Brunswick Nature Park.  Just today, Cape Fear SORBA was able to give guided tours for over 20 FAST kids experiencing Brunswick Nature Park for the first time.  These elementary age kids enjoyed the dirt table tops, wood structures, fast runs on Copperhead Outer, and of course the famous Taco Hill!

Finally, our hope is that you will be intentional about sharing your passion to pedal with kids.  Numerous studies have documented a direct relationship between physical activity level and access to places to walk and play. Likewise, the presence of bicycle lanes and trails is positively related to meeting physical activity recommendations and a reduced likelihood of experiencing the chronic diseases associated with physical inactivity and overweight.

Please know that Cape Fear SORBA is here to serve you in any way as you venture out to discover Blue Clay Bike or Brunswick Nature Park.
Happy pedaling!!