No More Bikes on the Hiking trail

Pertaining to the Hiking trail section at Brunswick Nature Park:

Unfortunately, Brunswick Parks and Rec has been receiving more phone calls in regards to bikers on the hiking trails at Brunswick Nature Park. Many of us ride the hiking trails even though we know they are not for biking. And even though many of us have enough respect to stop and pull off the trail or slow down and give right of way to the hikers, we are still in the wrong.

In order for Brunswick Nature Park to continue to operate as a public park and mountain bike park, everyone must start adhering to the rules or we could lose a beautiful place we have worked so hard to build and maintain.

Sadly, it seems no one but Cape Fear SORBA takes the time and efforts to maintain these trails and ultimately, the hiking trails will not be in the awesome shape they continue to be in without us. It would be in our club’s best interests, and the rest of the public’s, whether they realize it or not, to refrain from using the hiking trails to ride on.

Until we can figure out how to possibly reroute sections away from the water, convince Brunswick Co. and Coastal Land Trust to let us share the hiking trails, we really need to respect and appreciate what we have been generously given and let the hikers have their way. Otherwise, we risk losing this great trail and we will have no options in town when Blue Clay is not open.

Thanks to everyone for their respect and help in this matter.