March 2013 Club Meeting Recap

As you read the summary of our recent club meeting, it is obvious that we need All Hands On Grip for 2013! On top of lots of fun events, we have FOUR counties asking Cape Fear SORBA to help them build up their biking communities with new trails. We are excited to join them in these efforts, but it demands we continue to build our base of volunteers. If you have been on the fence with joining or renewing your membership with Cape Fear SORBA, we ask that you strongly consider being part of the mountain biking explosion happening here in the Cape Fear region.

March 21, 2013 Cape Fear SORBA meeting

Budget planning for 2013

So far this year Cape Fear SORBA has received $364 back from IMBA due to new memberships and renewals for current memberships.

Shawn Spencer of Bike Cycles is donating a self-service bike repair stand for use by cyclists at Brunswick Nature Park. The county has already given approval to CFS to pour a concrete slab to set the repair stand in.

The club will be moving forward with a project to begin works on a new bike trail on 60 acres in Elizabethtown, Bladen County. Most of the work will be by machine, and the town has offered an inmate assisted labor program to help out as well.

Pender County (Heidi Trask High School) will also be in the club’s plans for building around 4 miles of trail starting this fall as well.

Brunswick Nature Park: future projects to include building a roller to connect the wooden structures, GPS mapping for the pump track area, five to six miles of trail mapped out in new area by park entrance, and proposed re-routes on hiking trail where riding will stay 300 feet away from the creek.

Blue Clay Bike Park connector to Castle Hayne Park likely in the near future pending New Hanover County’s prioritizing of their county projects.

The Brunswick Brawl has been set for Oct. 12th & the Family Fun day the weekend before on the 5th. Ideas for the Fun day include a possible demo truck coming on that day and Take a Kid Mtn Biking day.

Ideas to boost membership numbers and incentives: a picnic/bike ride social twice a year at each of the bike parks. This will give an opportunity to push memberships, introduce people to each other as well as the sport & parks, and invite family members who don’t ride to participate in something as well.

CCORS race #6 BNP: Race will include full nine mile loop. Experts will use the large rock garden this time. Ideas to differentiate classes by colored dots on seat posts or backs of helmets. New race finish line design to help with timing properly. Class mileage as follows:

  • Experts = 30
  • Sport = 21
  • Beginner/Women/Masters = 12

SueMay Lewis
CFSORBA Secretary, 3/25/13