CCORS Race May 1st! We need volunteers!

Hello everyone! As you all should know we had a very successful event this past Sunday at Blue Clay. In a little more than a week, we get to do it all again! The 5th Race in the CCORS race series is taking place at Blue Clay!! Of course that means I have to ask for help again! We need volunteers everyone! The same amount of help is needed for this event as the last one. Below are the details. PLEASE HELP! We can’t do this event without help from people like you!

The event will run from noon till about 5:30 on Sunday but we will need help both before and after with setup and breakdown as well. All jobs are listed below with approximate times needed. Please email me at if you can help out!

Setup: 11am – noon
Help setting up tables, timing area, registration, and other things as needed. 2 People

Registration noon- 1:50
Help us with registration! 2-3 people

Parking: 11am-1:50
Need help parking the various racers in the proper places. 1 person

Course Marshal 2-5:30pm
We need two people manning the road crossing and 1-2 people helping out around the course as necessary.

If you want to help out and don’t know exactly when you will get there that’s ok to! Just email me, let me know you are coming and give me a basic idea when you will arrive. Any help would be appreciated.

Complete CCORS series information is available at

Once again, please email me if you can help out!

Austin Fenwick
Vice President: Cape Fear SORBA