Month: June 2011

Time Trial Update Week #4: New winner and fast time!

With the clouds rolling in and distant rumbles of thunder, we were barely able to hold this week’s time trial before the thunderstorms rolled through Brunswick County. We had another good turnout, 10 riders with a few more new faces coming out to participate. The night’s lottery winner was new comer Gary Coates – Congratulations Gary! Also, we saw Barry Wray set a new fastest lap time of 22.46 – GREAT JOB Barry!!

In addition! We have decided that we will run one final time trial next week at the Brunswick Nature Park due to the popularity of the series this summer! So come on out to the 5th and final week and see if you have the speed to win! And if you don’t you could still walk out with half of the money raised that day!

Barry Wray – 22.46 (New record time)
Tom Condon – 23.28
Armando Sanchez – 23.36
Steve Mangiacapre – 23.51
Jere Dearing – 24.23
Steven J Mangiacapre – 24.42
Marshall Brown – 24.57
Spencer Thomasson – 26.04
Brannon Thompson – 28.09
Gary Coats – 29.53

Thanks again for everyone that’s been coming out week after week and having fun with us at Brunswick Nature Park!

Below I have posted a downloadable link with all the results of the previous time trials if you want to see how people have progressed throughout the month! Some other fun facts include:
we have raised $170 for the club
we have given out $50 in lottery winnings to participating members
we have had 21 different members participating throughout the series

CF-SORBA Time Trial Results

See you at the trails,


Brunswick Nature Park Update

Hello all! This is an update on the Brunswick Nature Park for everyone! Tonight we have some maps to show everyone that will give you all a good idea what the trails currently look like and what we are turning in for approval. Lets start with the current section shall we?


Current Trails at BNP

The above map shows approximately what the trails at the Brunswick Nature Park look like currently. The trail loop to in the green color on the top left of the map has not yet been made. While the trails on the right hand side (the beginner section) have recently been connected they are not quite fully complete. There is still a bit of touch up work to be done to level out a few places and shape up some berms that need to be adjusted. However, this should give everyone a basic idea of the trails that Cape Fear SORBA has built so far.

Next section of Brunswick Nature Park trail: still awaiting approval

This map is of the next section of trail that we hope to build that will be connected via the green trail that I mentioned on the first map. At about 2.4 miles this trail will be more advanced with obstacles like log rides, drops, wooden berms and the like. The approximate locations of the obstacles have been labeled on this map. The obstacles will all have go arounds so that you can avoid them if you feel like your skill level isn’t ready for them. This map is showing the trail as we have proposed and we are still waiting for the Coastal Land Trust to approve this section. This plan was recently turned into the Land Trust for their approval and we hope that we can begin construction of this section in the fall of this year. With some luck the construction will be under way when the IMBA Trail Care Crew visits Nov. 10th-13th.

Anyway, I hope that these maps are mouth watering enough to everyone to get you excited! Remember, the 2nd map is still pending approval but we will need help to build it! Get excited folks and help us build come fall! It’ll be worth it!


Austin Fenwick
VP Cape Fear SORBA

Group Ride Reminder: First Ladies only ride!

Attention ladies;

This is a short reminder for everyone that our first ladies group ride will be this Tuesday beginning at 6pm at the Blue Clay Bike Park! This ride is a no drop ride and all skill levels are welcome. Come on out and enjoy the ride girls! This one is just for you!

If you have any questions about the Women’s only group rides, please contact SueMay Lewis at

Thanks everyone! Thats all for now! Stay safe and ride lots!

Austin Fenwick
VP Cape Fear SORBA

Summer Time Trial Series-Week 3 Wrap Up

*Austin’s Note: Sorry for getting this up a bit late, been a rough end to the week and playing catch up! Hope to have even more people come out next week for the 4th time trial in the series! There has been discussion about doing the Time Trial a 5th time on the last Thursday of the month due to popular demand. Stay tuned for that. Anyway, here is the wrap up!*

Wow, another great night at Brunswick Nature Park! We had 12 riders show up to participate, and this week there was one second between the fastest, second fastest, and third fastest times. Jere Dearing won tonight’s lottery and chose to donate his winnings back to the club – Thanks Jere!

Well, here’s what you are all are waiting to see….the times.

* Steve Mangiacapre — 23.05
* Armando Sanchez — 23.06
* Bill Sessons — 23.07
* Greg Brinson — 23.29
* Tom Condon — 23.42
* Jere Dearing — 24.12
* Marshall Brown — 24.38
* Spencer Thomasson — 25.68
* Don Brown — 28.36
* Jim Halley — 29.26
* John Sledge — 33.30
* Kirsten Jones — 35.52

Thanks again to everyone that’s been coming out and taking part the last three weeks. Steve has won yet again, but its clear that the competition to take him down is getting fierce! Both Bill Sessoms and Armando Sanchez where hot on his heels! Can they take him down next week? Only time will tell!

I also want to give a big thank you to Marshall and Spencer from the Waccamaw Trailblazers that have made the drive down from Myrtle Beach each week to take part, Thanks guys!

I hope to see all of you next week at Brunswick Nature Park at 6:30pm, come on out and have some fun!


  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN