Time Trial Results from Sunday

Hey all! A quick update for everyone that was wondering about the results of the time trial this weekend. We raised another 145$ for Tripp bringing our total to $390!  Much of this was through donations from others that did not participate as well as those who did the Time Trial. To all of you who did race the clock thank you so much!

Here are the results! The course included the beginner section, advanced section (first time ridden!) and intermediate section to come out to about 4.7 miles.

1. Bill Sessoms 21.23

2. Greg Brinson 21.38

3. David Lennard 22.21

4. Steve Mangiacapre 22.41

5. Austin Fenwick 23.44

6. Don Brown 25.02 (rode most of the course with a broken seat!)

7. Chris Tennant 25.25

8. Matt Henrie 26.55

9. Jeff Holst 32.40

10. Roxana Horti 34.30

Thanks to everyone who came out! Its always fun to play together!