Short Update: BNP Trail Work Day and Elections

Hey everyone! This is just a short update on the goings on from today. A full update will be posted in the next 24 hours or so once we have all pictures rounded up and I’ve had a chance to wash all the dirt off!!

SORBA and the Boy Scouts work together on the trail!

First off I have to give a HUGE shout out to the boy scouts that were at the trail today! Over 20 great scouts came out and just knocked out some trail work today. Without them we wouldn’t have been able to make nearly as much progress! Over 20 scouts came out and worked very hard today. I think that they did an amazing job! Greg was working in front of them with the excavator and couldn’t work fast enough to give them work to do.

In addition, we had 15 volunteers over the course of the day. Total that makes the largest turnout for any workday we have had so far and we got a tremendous amount of work done. We aren’t done with the beginner trail yet, but by the looks of it we expect the trail to be complete by the end of May at the latest.


A quick update on the election side of things. Greg Brinson remains President, Austin Fenwick remains Vice-President. Bryan Weinkle has moved up to Treasurer and Jay Pearce is now the new Secretary for the club. There was much more that we talked about at the meeting including some outreach programs we want to kickstart soon and some fun events.


I’ll give you a hint what those might be. You get to hit these berms here really fast…


Berm action!

See you on the trails everyone! More information coming soon!