Help Safe Routes to Schools and A Blue Clay Work Day

Hello Cape Fear SORBA! To things of importance today. First our wonderful Director of the CFS BC Trail Care Crew Barry Wray has scheduled a Work Day for Blue Clay this Saturday the 5th (2/5/11) from 9am until noon. However, there is a very high chance of rain that *may* stop us. Please come out and help if possible. Barry will send an email on Saturday morning with conformation that we are indeed working or that we have to cancel due to rain.

Secondly, this is a repost of an email recently recieved from the League of American Bicyclists concerning Safe Routes to Schools.

“North Carolina residents – we need your help!  In the last Congress, Senator Burr (R-NC) was a lead sponsor of S. 1156, the Safe Routes to School Program Reauthorization Act.  Senator Burr is currently considering whether, to again take the lead introducing a bill supporting Safe Routes to School in the new Congress.

The federal Safe Routes to School program provides critical funding to help local schools and communities make it safer for more kids to walk and bicycle to and from schools.  This funding is helping to reduce safety risks, get more kids active, and cut down on traffic congestion around schools.  The Safe Routes to School bill is necessary to help sustain and expand this program.

Please take a few moments to contact Senator Burr’s office to thank him for his past leadership and encourage him to stand up for Safe Routes to School again.  You can either call or email Senator Burr’s office—but time is of the essence, so please take five minutes to do this today!

Thanks in advance for your help.”

As always we are more than just Mountain Bikers, we are cyclists. If possible we should support cycling in all its formations to try and create a healthy more sustainable society and supporting Safe Routes to Schools is just one of those opportunities.

Thanks again Cape Fear SORBA, (Mountain)Bike or Die!

Austin Fenwick

Vice President: Cape Fear SORBA