Our Summer Time Trial Series continues at Brunswick Nature Park this Thursday.  Come join us for TT #3 and make sure to RSVP at our MeetUp page if you know for sure you are coming.  This is not required to ride but will help with keeping registration smooth.  Registration opens at 5:30 pm and remember every rider will have a chance to win a set of CST tires, so don’t leave too early.

Last week, the TT headlines revolved around Lisa Haynes.  What a trooper!  After taking part in her first beginner Ladies Group Ride on Wednesday, she decided to dive in head first and ride her first Time Trial.  After an hour, we had thought Lisa had given up and was walking her bike back to the start, but then we all see her pop out of the intermediate trail pointing her bike to the finish line.  With the crowd cheering her on, she crossed the line around the 1 hour mark for her first Time Trial and we were so proud of her accomplishment.  Lisa never gave up and this is the message we hope to send to Covi during this series as he fights against the ugly head of cancer.

The Summer Time Trials are for everyone no matter age or ability, so stop making excuses and come out and join us.

ps- I saw on FB that Lisa has posted her two beach cruisers for sale because now that she has hit the trails, there is no turning back:-)