BNP Time Trial Results #1

Most importantly lots of money was raised through our first time trial race!!!
Due a generous offer of $100 outside of registration, we raised nearly $400!!!
Remember, ALL FUNDS go to Covi, a local bike mechanic fighting cancer.

Here are the Time Trial results for last night’s first race!  Everyone had an awesome ride!
Thanks for your patience with using new software along with RECORD NUMBERS of riders.

BNP Summer 2012 Time Trial Race Results #1 – June 14

Remember, if you were started at interval #36 or after, I had to adjust your time to compensate for my mistake of NOT adding a rider to start at #35.

Also, thanks to two very awesome riders, SueMay Lewis and Sean Skutnik for being honest about missing a large section of the trail.  Many of you probably actually place better  because these are fast riders!