Blue Clay Trail Care Crew Meeting

From Barry Wray:

The CFS president, Greg Brinson, appointed me [Barry] to head up a CFS Trail Care Crew for the Blue Clay Bike Park. The job of the crew is to maintain the Blue Clay Bike Park according to the agreement we have with New Hanover County Parks and Recreation.

I would like for all CFS members (you) to be a part of this crew. I would like to have a meeting on Tuesday, January 25th in the CIS building at UNCW at 7:30 pm. I will be sending out directions in the next couple of day for parking and finding the building if you are not familiar with the UNCW campus.

I hope you will come out and attend this meeting. We will go over what we need to do at the bike park in the next few months and plan for what needs to be done after that.

If you ride at the park then this is your opportunity (responsibility) to contribute something to the park. We will be talking about how each member can contribute according to his/her ability and how to accomplish this on your own time as well as during organized work days.


Barry A. Wray
Blue Clay Trail Care Crew Director
Cape Fear SORBA