Month: March 2012

Time to vote on a new Club Jersey!

Update for March 29th!

Hello Cape Fear SORBA! We have a lot of updates to tell everyone about so lets get started!

CCORS #4 at the Piranha Pit April 15th

As was the case for the last race at the Piranha Pit it is necessary for everyone to register for the event in advance. We had a solid turnout last month but would love to see the numbers go up! It doesn’t matter if you are a racer, volunteer, or just a spectator. Anyone that wants to be there needs to register. You are not committing yourself or any money to this if you pre-register. Just giving the military base your info in the event you do want to come. So if you are even thinking about maybe possibly coming to the event PLEASE take a moment and pre-register for the event at the link below. You must register prior to April 2nd to ensure you gain entry to the event. For more info please visit


Big Workday Schedule for April 14th at Brunswick!

Many of you may already know this but we are nearly finished with the outer loop of the new advanced section at the BrunswickNaturePark! We are also getting ready to begin building the connector trails that will run from the intermediate loop to the advanced loops! With these things in mind we will be holding a Workday at the trail on April 14th beginning at 9am. You can RSVP at the club page to let us know how many people to expect. This is one BIG push to complete some trail here folks. Lets get this done before the summer heat keeps us from working! We hope to see you there!

Ladies Rides Return Starting April 18th at Blue Clay Bike Park!

The much talked about ladies ride lead by the Dirty Dames of Cape Fear SORBA is returning for the season! The first ride is scheduled for April 18th starting at 6pm at the Blue Clay Bike Park. This ride is a no drop ride that will break up into multiple groups based on skill level as needed. The entire point is for you to feel comfortable on this ride! So ladies you are all invited to come and play at the park! This ride will be a monthly event. Ride leaders SueMay and Natalia will be waiting for you! You can RSVP at the club page!

TREK is bringing their big demo truck for us to play with April 21st

A big reminder that on April 21st TREK bicycles is bringing their big demo truck out to the Brunswick Nature Park from 10am to 3pm! What does that mean? That means you get to ride some of the most advanced bicycles in the world for free on your home trails! They are bringing over 40 bikes of various sizes (both road and mountain bikes) for anyone to test ride on the local trails that day! CFSORBA will be there with a booth set up with trail maps, membership forms, and hopefully food! We also hope to get a few volunteers to lead guided rides of the trails during this event. That being said, we are looking for a few folks willing to volunteer to be our cook during lunch and for a few riders willing to be trail guides. If you are interested in helping out please email A complete list of bikes coming to the event can be found on the event that has been created for the demo day. Check it out! Hope to see you there!


Time to vote for your favorite club jersey! Orders coming soon!

So next up is a choice! We are preparing to order the next club jerseys and IMBA has given us a wonderful option! They have worked out a deal with Primal Wear that will allow us to make $10 off of every jersey purchased through this new program. In addition IMBA will make $1 as well! With that being said we have two options. The “semi-custom” jersey which is a stock jersey designed for IMBA/SORBA that will have our logo on it. This semi custom variation will cost $50. We also have the option of a full custom jersey which will cost us $60. I have placed the two options below so once you have picked your favorite its time to vote. Click on the link below and then vote for your favorite jersey. The winner will be determined in 1 week and then we will begin taking orders for the jerseys.

Semi-Custom Version


The Full Custom Version


So which one do you like? VOTE NOW!


That’s all for now folks! We hope to see you at one of the many upcoming events!

Time Trial Results from Sunday

Hey all! A quick update for everyone that was wondering about the results of the time trial this weekend. We raised another 145$ for Tripp bringing our total to $390!  Much of this was through donations from others that did not participate as well as those who did the Time Trial. To all of you who did race the clock thank you so much!

Here are the results! The course included the beginner section, advanced section (first time ridden!) and intermediate section to come out to about 4.7 miles.

1. Bill Sessoms 21.23

2. Greg Brinson 21.38

3. David Lennard 22.21

4. Steve Mangiacapre 22.41

5. Austin Fenwick 23.44

6. Don Brown 25.02 (rode most of the course with a broken seat!)

7. Chris Tennant 25.25

8. Matt Henrie 26.55

9. Jeff Holst 32.40

10. Roxana Horti 34.30

Thanks to everyone who came out! Its always fun to play together!

CCORS Race #3 is ON!

CCORS Race #3 at the Piranha Pit is ON for March 18th in Havelock, NC. There is some big information that all people interested in being there need to know. Due to current security levels on base it is REQUIRED that all racers, volunteers and spectators REGISTER in advance for the event. If you do not register you will not be allowed on base at all.Now to be clear you are not committing to ANYTHING if you register at the link I have posted below. You are under no obligation to pay for anything by registering either. You are simply giving the base a chance to have a record of all possible folks on base. If you are even CONSIDERING going to the event for ANY REASON we need you to register no later than MONDAY MORNING! I know its short notice but its the only way we will be allowed to hold the event on the base.

You can register at the following link: REGISTRATION FOR CCORS RACE #3 AT THE PIRANHA PIT

The event is now up on our page as well! Please folks if you feel like you might possibly go to this event please register. We don’t want anyone to be unable to get to the event.

If you have any questions please feel free to email. Remember, YOU MUST register by Monday morning.

Austin Fenwick

VP Cape Fear SORBA

  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN