Trail Buddies


The mission of the Trail Buddies Program is to provide grade school youth the opportunity to discover the joys of mountain biking while educating them on the basics of trail riding, trail and bicycle maintenance, and safety precautions.  The Trail Buddies Program aims to build lasting relationships between Cape Fear SORBA mentors, other cycling role models, and the participants.

This program targets ages 7-14 years old, but all ages are welcomed.  At each session the participants will be divided into groups by age and skill level.  The Trail Buddies Program is FREE to the participants.  Cape Fear SORBA will provide and maintain all the bicycles, gear, and supplies used for the program.

Be A Part: Volunteer As A Trail Buddy

Since our program’s aim is to build lasting relationships, we need positive role models who are committed to participating in guiding group rides, as well as, relating to school age children the basics of bike riding, maintenance, and safety.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Trial Buddies Program Coordinator, Steve Mangiacapre, “scapri44” @ or through this website’s contact page.

Invest: Build Our Trail Buddies Bike Fleet

Cape Fear SORBA has started investing in this program by purchasing a new 7×16 enclosed trailer for bike fleet and gear storage.  Now, we are inviting you to help us stock the trailer with at least 16 bikes!  We are working with local bike shops to purchase nice quality kid’s mountain bikes for a discounted price!  We are asking you to consider donating an entire bike, but of course, any donation is appreciated!

As a non-profit organization, we are relying on contributions from our community to provide new bikes, gear, and supplies.

You can invest by giving a tax free financial donation. Every dollar you donate and mark “Trail Buddies Program” goes directly to Cape Fear SORBA’s mission to implement the Trail Buddies Program.