Month: October 2016

Parks Status

Great news! With all the help from the volunteers and county and perfect weather all the parks are open except Browns Creek which has a workday Saturday at 8AM. Thanks to everyone for coming together to get the parks cleaned up.

Mathew Cleanup Update

The Hulk is open except 1 section and BNP should open on Saturday. Blue Clay has the county finishing cleanup and cutting trees and will open when finished. Browns Creek has a workday this Saturday and still has flooding. Thanks to all the people that came out and helped cleanup the parks. David

All Parks Are Closed Because of Mathew

All parks are closed to everyone  because of Mathew. We will let you know when they reopen.

  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN