Month: January 2012

Race Results coming…until then enjoy pics and video!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Cape Fear SORBA did and we want to thank all of those who came out to make the first race in the CCORS series a smashing success! We had 119 racers participate (we believe that may be a series record). Thanks to all those who came out to support the event. Results will be coming within a day or two from now. Until then enjoy some video from the State Port Pilot (full story will be out on Wed) and the photo’s on facebook.

Photos Available here: CCORS Race #1 photos

CCORS Race #1 at Brunswick this Sunday!

Just a quick reminder to everyone out in SORBA land that the first race in the Carolina Off-Road Race Series is occurring this Sunday at the Brunswick Nature Park! We hope to see you out there! Demo bikes will be available and fun for all!

Schedule for the event is as follows

Registration Opens
10:30am please register at least 15min
before the start of your event

Kids 11:30am appx 1mi on right side

Expert 12noon race both sides appx 60min

1:15pm race both sides appx 45min

Sport 40+/Masters 45+
2:00pm race both sides appx 45min

Beginner/Beginner 35+/Wmn
2:45pm race left side only appx 30min

Youth/First Timer’s
3:30pm race left side only appx 30min

1 Mile of New Trail at Brunswick and more…!

Hello Cape Fear SORBA. I hope you had a good weekend despite the wet weather we had in spurts. First I want to thank all of those people who came out to help build more trails at the Brunswick Nature Park over the weekend. With the help of some amazing folks we have now completed the first FULL mile of the advanced trail! Give yourselves a pat on the back. All done? Ok good. We of course have more work to do but it’s a great start! Our next workday will be announced soon but in the meantime here is a pick from today’s workday with FRESH cut trail.

Don't You Just Love Fresh Trail? Thanks to Sai Collins for the photo!


CFSORBA Seeks Volunteers to staff Booth Feb 4th

Cape Fear SORBA is also seeking volunteers to help us spread the word about our volunteer activities here in the Cape Fear region. On Feb 4th Star News will host the 2012 Conscience fair just down the street from Blue Clay at the North Campus of Cape Fear Community College.

There will be two shifts at the fair. One from 9:30am to 12:30pm and then from 12:30pm to 3:30pm. We would like to see two people per shift. These shifts are obviously suggestions. We can work with you on the schedule if you would like to volunteer. All promotional and display materials will be dropped off and picked up so you won’t have to worry about transporting anything but yourself. In addition, this event is so close to Blue Clay all you have to do is bring the bike and go ride when you are done!

Our goal with events like this is to simply spread the word about what Cape Fear SORBA is doing in both New Hanover and Brunswick counties. We want more people reading about us, riding the trails, and volunteering. We would be very happy if we were able to get someone to signup for a club membership at this event but just spreading the word is a great way to draw interest.

So if you are interested in helping out at the 2012 Conscience Fair please email us at and let us know what shift you would like to work.  Remember that this is volunteer work to!

Don’t forget to Donate!

Also please if you can donate to help Tripp complete his mission to the National Bike Summit March 20th-22nd. You can do so by clicking on the link below and donating to Cape Fear SORBA!


That’s all for now CFSORBA! Don’t forget that the first race in the CCORS race series is taking place NEXT weekend at the Brunswick Nature Park. Hit our page to RSVP or just show up! We will see you there!

Upcoming Event Update and More!

Hello Cape Fear SORBA. I hope that your week has gone smoothly as you enjoy what can only be discussed as mild winter weather right now. We are coming up on a few events so I wanted to let everyone know what’s going on. So lets get right down to it!


Trail Building Days this weekend

This weekend we are again holding trail building days at the Brunswick Nature Park. We have had tremendous turnouts so far and we hope that we will see similar again this weekend. We have made great progress building the advanced section of trail at the Brunswick Nature Park and we hope to continue the momentum!


On Saturday President Greg will be leading the workday while VP Austin will lead on Sunday. Please bring shovels and/or rakes with you and CFSORBA will provide additional tools.  You can come out for as long as you like. Any bit of work helps. Please remember to meet at the END of the dirt road going straight past the picnic shelter. If you have any questions about how to find the trail please let us know ahead of time if you can. Once you find the trail just start walking (if you come late) and you will walk right to us! Both workdays start at 9am and run till we run out of work/volunteers.


CCCORS Series kickoff coming Jan 29th

Of course there is also the first race in the Coastal Carolina Off-Road Race Series coming up as well! This will be the first time that the Brunswick Nature Park will play host to an event as a part of the series and we would love to see as big a turnout as we had for the Brunswick Brawl (or even bigger!). You can find event details under the events tab on the navigation bar of or you can visit Lets get the series off to a rockin start!


And then there was a delegate…

Lastly I would like to announce that Cape Fear SORBA has found its delegate to attend the National Bike Summit. Many of you who have volunteered at the various trail days at the Brunswick Nature Park know Tripp. Those of you who have ridden there but never met him also know him in a different way. He has smoothed out countless bumps in sections of the intermediate trail and has spent countless hours at the park. We are honored to send such a deserving club member to the National Bike Summit.


As far as the summit goes the club is seeking donations to help pay for Tripp’s expenses while in DC. Any little bit helps. So that being said, you can donate to help Tripp’s …trip to DC by clicking on the following link and donating to Cape Fear SORBA via paypal. You can also click on the donation button now found on the sidebar of the Cape Fear SORBA website.



Thanks again everyone. Don’t forget to RSVP using our club page to any of the upcoming events like the Trail Building Days or the CCORS Race. We are excited about what the future holds for 2012 and look forward to it being even more successful than 2011.


I say we should enjoy the ride.

Austin Fenwick

VP Cape Fear SORBA

  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN