Month: September 2011

Weekend Events Reminder

Hello Cape Fear SORBA! This email is to remind everyone of the various events taking place this weekend. Hopefully you will time to check in at one or all of these cool events!

Oct 1st: Take a Kid MTBing day at Blue Clay Bike Park, starts 10am.

Come out to Blue Clay and take part in International Take a Kid MTBing day! The Down East Cyclists of Jacksonville, NC are holding their version of this event at Blue Clay with Cape Fear SORBA members supporting and taking part in the event. Bring the kids out so they can go on rides lead by adults from both clubs. There will be some snacks and drinks available. If you do plan to attend you can either check in at the Down East Cylist Meetup Page or you can email Jeff LeBlanc of the Down East Cyclists at Please do let them know that you are coming so they can plan to have enough food and drink (and bikes!) for everyone who attends.

Oct 1st: Membership Drive from Two Wheeler Dealer: 11am-3pm(aprox.)

Come out and check out what is going on with Cape Fear SORBA and help us draw in more members! We are running a membership drive during the month of October to get the word out and to get more members that believe in the work we do! April and Corey will be hanging out at the shop this weekend. Stop in and show them YOU SUPPORT CAPE FEAR SORBA! Btw: we are doing a raffle during our membership drive! 1$ per ticket for entry and you could win gift certificates to TWD or a set of Maxxis Tires!

BTW: We still need volunteers to man the tables on Oct 8th and 29th! If you can help out email asap!

Oct 2nd: Trailgating from Blue Clay Bike Park, 10am-2pm(aprox.)

Come out to Blue Clay on Sunday and ride! While your at it you can check in with CFSORBA VP Austin Fenwick while he trailgates! Come over and grab some raffle tickets from him, get info on our upcoming events, and help us talk about the club! We might have a few Clif Bars to give to some hungry riders to *wink*

So I hope thats enough for everyone to do this weekend! Come out, and enjoy the fun! I know you want to. Check out the calender at for additional events coming up in the next month (and then some). We have the Brunswick Brawl and the Trail Care Crew visit coming up soon. You don’t want to miss this!!

Have fun, ride lots.

Austin Fenwick, VP Cape Fear SORBA

Workday and Club Meeting tomorrow at Brunswick Nature Park!!!

Hello everyone! This is a reminder that we are going to be working at the Brunswick Nature Park tomorrow. This is an all day event. We will begin at 8am and we plan to work on the beginner trail and continue to get it ready for the Brunswick Brawl Short Track Event. Please bring shovels and rakes with you. Additional tools will be provided by CFSORBA. Come out ANY time during the day that you want to help us work.

In addition, there will be a club meeting following the workday at 5:30 at the picnic shelter across from the parking lot nearest the trail head. We will be discussing several topics. Our planned Membership drive for the month of October is fast approching and we need to gather volunteers to help it be a success. Here are the planned events for the month of October

Saturday Oct 1st: Take a Kid MTBing day and a Membership Drive Table at Two Wheeler Dealer from 10am-2pm

Sunday Oct 2nd: Trailgating at Blue Clay from 10am-2pm

Saturday Oct 8th: Membership Drive Table at Two Wheeler Dealer from 10am-2pm

Sunday Oct 9th: Trailgating at Blue Clay from 10am-2pm

Saturday Oct 15th: “One Day of Service” with Boy Scout Troop 274 at Blue Clay, 9am. Membership Drive Table at TWD 10am-2pm.

Sunday Oct 16th: Trailgating at Blue Clay from 10am-2pm.

Saturday Oct 22nd: Membership Drive Table at TWD 10am-2pm

Sunday Oct 23rd: Trailgating at Blue Clay from 10am-2pm.

Saturday Oct 29th: Membership Drive Table at TWD 10am-2pm.

If you are interested in taking part in any of these events as a volunteer to help talk about Cape Fear SORBA PLEASE let us know! Please email if you wish to help out! Please tell us in the email which day/event you can volunteer for. The goal of the trailgating and membership drive tables is to talk up CFSORBA to fellow mountain bikers and (with any luck) you can interest them in joining up and helping support the club!

In addition we will be planning the Trail Care Crew Visit in November at the club meeting. If you want to be apart of the planning for that event, please be at the club meeting.

Thats it folks! Hope to see you tomorrow,

Austin Fenwick

VP Cape Fear SORBA

Take a Kid MTBing day Update!!

Update: It would be great if I put the date and time of this event wouldn’t it? Saturday, Oct 1st starting at 10am! Hope to see you and your little ones there!

Hello everyone. I wanted to update you on some recent developments for Take a Kid Moutain Biking Day. The folks from Down East Cyclists out of the Jacksonville area are taking a trip down to Blue Clay and are going to have their version of Take a Kid MTBing day! Since Irene came through their area the local trails up that way have been in bad shape. So we are welcoming the DEC to Blue Clay and we are hoping to help them make Take a Kid MTBing day a success!

So under those circumstances I would like to formally invite everyone, kids and adults alike, to Take a Kid MTBing day at the Blue Clay Bike Park! Cape Fear SORBA will be supporting DEC at the park. With that in mind there are a couple of things that DEC and CFSORBA could use a little help with! We are in need of a few ride leaders. Anyone that would be willing to be a ride leader please email Jeff LeBlanc at:

In addition, PLEASE check in at the meetup page for this event that has been set up by the DEC. You can find it here: DEC Take a Kid MTBing Day. Doing that will help them keep track of the people coming so they can have enough food and drinks for the event. Or you can email Jeff at the above email address if you are going. Either way, PLEASE let them know you are coming!

Well I hope you are excited about Take a Kid MTBing day! I know I am after the initial cancelation of the event for our club. This doesn’t mean we are forgetting doing the event in spring though!

Thats all for now, more information coming soon including the sponsors for the Brunswick Brawl Short Track Event!

Austin Fenwick

VP Cape Fear SORBA

One Day of Service

Cape Fear SORBA will be working with the Boy Scouts of America Pack/Troop 274 on a “One Day of Service” at the Blue Clay Bicycle Park on Saturday, October 15th at 9am. Together we will be working on projects around the park.

Contact Barry for more info

  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN