Month: January 2011

UPDATE: Blue Clay Trail Care Crew Meeting from 1/25/2011

From Barry Wray:

CFS had the first meeting of the Blue Clay Trail Care Crew on Monday 1/25/11. Twelve of us went over the attached PowerPoint presentation. We identified some items that we will be addressing in the coming months. The first item is to bring the beginner trail back to where it needs to be to accommodate beginner riders. We will continue to remove roots on the trail and bring in dirt and gravel to repair trail damage due to trail compaction from use over the last couple of years. We are planning to have a work day after we get enough dirt trucked in so hang tight on that but if you would like to help before then send me an email and I can meet you at the park and show you where to begin removing roots.

Another immediate item is some maintenance on a trail section that has become an issue. We may start working on that this week. I’ll send out an email when we have a day/time. One thing is for sure…we live in an area with no mountains and very little terrain so we have to have some (most) of our trail on flat ground and we will always be battling with issues like compaction, roots, and water. Mountain bike trails are composed of dirt…if the dirt has too much sand it will be good when we have wet conditions but too soft for dry conditions…if we have a trail with too much clay it will hold water and be wet and slick during rainy times which is not good but it will be good in dry conditions…BC is somewhere in between which is good and bad…so we face a long term battle (unless we give up and build a concrete sidewalk through the woods L) and we will have to try to stay ahead of changing conditions on the trail. IMBA offers advice on how to build a trail system to create good experiences for diverse visitors, minimize user conflict and environmental damage, and hold up in the future. Our goal is to follow their advice and create a unique trail that is challenging yet enjoyable for everyone.

I meet with Andy Johnson from New Hanover County Parks at BC last Friday. Andy reiterated the County’s commitment to BC (they have spent over $45,000 on the park in the last year).  He emphasized we need to identify issues at the park needing attention and submit proposals to him for solutions. He is committed to work on securing funding for the projects that are approved. Some of the projects we are working on now are:

  • Identify what additional signs are needed at the park. The County would like to see mileage markers in place. This has been a long time safety issue that we need to address. What signs would you like to see at the park?
  • Keep up with the monthly trail reports. I’ll be taking on this responsibility.
  • Andy offered a possible workday on April 16th with “free labor” from a local organization (we will have to look at this because we have a race scheduled for BC the next day)…more on this later.
  • Replace the standard portable bathroom with one with handicap access. This was a request by a CFS member that came up during our meeting.  Do you (or anyone you know that uses the park) have a special need?
  • Identify safety conditions around the park that need attention. Know of any?
  • We have submitted sealed engineer plans for changes that need to be made on the very first bridge on the trail. The County has committed to buying the wood we need as soon as we put together a materials list and forward it to them. Once we get the wood we will then start on the construction.  We will also be rebuilding some of the short crossovers on the trail and 1 or 2 more bridges. We have club members who have worked on other bridges but we can always use more help (especially skilled help!). If you can help with the construction let me know.
  • Begin plans for a picnic shelter at the park. Do you have any skills that you would like to volunteer to help plan and build a shelter?

If you are a Cape Fear SORBA member I consider you part of the “trail care crew” so please send me you suggestions. We will be looking for you at our club workdays…or working at the park when your schedule permits…or contributing to the park in whatever way best fits you.

Thanks for your commitment to CFS.

Barry A. Wray
Director CFS BC Trail Care Crew
Cape Fear SORBA

Cape Fear SORBA meeting 1_25_2011

Southern Mountain Bike Summit


IMBA-SORBA and its chapters Pisgah Area SORBA and Upstate SORBA are so very proud to announce the very first Southern Mountain Bike Summit in Brevard, NC, March 25th-27th, 2011. It’s a celebration, it’s education, it’s advocacy, and we invite YOU to attend! Our theme for the event is Great Riding in the South (GRITS, yes!), and without you there wouldn’t be GRITS! Without YOU GRITS won’t get better! So, come on over for the greatest mountain biking advocacy event ever held in the Southeast!

Keynote address: The Summit kicks off with Keynote Speaker Krista Rettig of Trek Bicycles. Krista is a pistol, a wonderful speaker who is totally committed to getting riders on the trail, particularly women and families. Come listen and learn from this industry leader!

Sessions—Friday and Saturday are full of informational sessions led by experts from governmental agencies, advocates, and industry leaders. Learn how to partner with the US Forest Service, how other areas have successfully created trail communities (not just great trails), how to be an effective Mountain Bike Patroller, how to be a more effective leader, and much more!

Rides—Pisgah National Forest. DuPont State Park. Trek demos. Need we say more?

Silent Auction—Support PAS, Upstate SORBA, and the local Bracken Mountain Trail project by bidding on fantastic merchandise and services.

Socials—Hang out with friends, old and new, and talk about, what else? All things mountain biking!

Visit for details and to register today!

National Bike Summit, Washington, DC

Austin with Gary Fisher, National Bike Summit 2010

Austin with Gary Fisher, National Bike Summit 2010

Hello Cape Fear SORBA, this is your Vice-President Austin Fenwick. I am writing to each of you today to ask for your support. I am currently attempting to fund-raise so that I can attend the National Bike Summit in Washington DC March 8-10.  I wish to return to DC following my trip there last year to continue to show our representatives that cycling is an important part of our region and our nation. In addition this is an opportunity to learn from cycling advocates around the country. I wish to learn new and exciting strategies to help support our local cycling agenda. I want to help create more bike parks, bike lanes, and bike friendly people in our community. I can only do that with your help.

Please CF SORBA: send me to DC. Give me the opportunity to learn, so that I may teach. Currently, I have raised $200 from donations made by both the Cape Fear Cyclists and Two Wheeler Dealer.  I need approximately $300 total for registration. I will cover the rest myself. That leaves $100 yet to be raised. I do not want to request funds from Cape Fear SORBA because the club is in desperate need of the cash for current trail building projects.  So I am humbly asking each of you for help. Any donation, large or small, would be a great help. I am going to represent the Cape Fear Region in Washington DC.  I want to bring everything I learn back to the Cape Fear, and build a better cycling world.

If you do wish to help fund my trip to DC, you may drop off donations at:
Old Books on Front St
249 N. Front St
Wilmington, NC 28401

or mail them to:
Austin Fenwick
206 Frederica Court
Wilmington, NC 28412.

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Austin Fenwick
Cape Fear SORBA

UPDATE: Blue Clay Trail Care Crew Meeting

From Barry Wray:

The first meeting of the Cape Fear SORBA Blue Clay Trail Care Crew will be Tuesday, January 25th (tomorrow) at 7:30 pm in room 1008 in the CIS building on the campus of UNCW. You should park in Lot M and walk to the Computer Information Systems Building.

Here is a link to a map of campus:

Lot M is a little hard to find on the map…an easy way to find it is to enlarge the map view to about 200% and look for the Bluethenthal Wildflower Preserve near the center of campus…lot M is adjacent to the Preserve with its entrance on Riegel Road. If that doesn’t work for you then try this…from College road take the Hurst Drive entrance…at the end of Hurst take a left on Hamilton Drive…when you are at the end of the Intramural Fields take a right on Riegel Road (as if you were going to a baseball game)…just after you past Price Drive (on your left) the entrance to Lot M will be on your left (just before you get to the baseball field).  You will park there and walk down Price Drive by the Wildflower Preserve to the CIS building (it is labeled CI on the map). There are entrances on all sides of the building. Room 1008 is on the first floor.

See you there,

Barry Wray
Blue Clay Trail Care Crew Director
Cape Fear SORBA

  • All Trails OPEN
  • Blue Clay Bike Park OPEN
  • Brunswick Nature Park OPEN
  • Browns Creek OPEN
  • Horry Co. Bike Park ("The Hulk") OPEN